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Real solutions for real problems. Swap, Farm, and stake for a good cause with Solidarity Solutions

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Solidarity Solutions mission is to ensure a greener and safer environment for future generations. Blockchain technology is the future of finance, there is very little doubt about it. Via this method, we want to help you help yourself by taking the ecological aspect of your life into your own hands.


Our vision

About $SOLID

Why Solana?

Solana is well known for its Proof-of-History. It's one of the most efficient validation methods. It can process up to 65,000 transactions per second and to put it simply - outperforms its competition. We chose Solana so that we could focus on what actually matters and not fees or latency while exercising the ecological aspect of Solanas blockchain.

Our projects vision is to become the global leaders of an ecological economy by providing our users a financial benefit and plasticity of Solanas blockchain, all the while providing real solutions to real problems around you.


SOLID is a native SPL token of the Solidarity Solutions ecosystem. SOLID will serve as a governance token allowing the users to fluently use the swap and participate in farming and staking. 50% of token revenue when bought via private sale or private deals will be used for solving ecological problems, the remaining half will be used for further development of the project.



5% Team*
20% Token sales**
20% Liquidity
15% Farms and Staking***
25% Solidarity ecosystem 
15% Treasury

*Team tokens are locked for 24 months and will be distributed throughout the team respectfully.

**Early Solidarity token investors will be a major part of the nature preservation campaigns.


***Early farming will yield all of the holders a high APY and at the same time - help us solve one of the biggest problems in modern society- nature preservation.

Stage I

2022 Q1

Marketing and brand awareness campaign
Private sale
Public sale
CEX Listing
Nature preservation campaign I

Stage II

2022 Q2

Official platform launch
Liquidity framework integration
Swap fundamental integration
Staking and Farming integration
Nature preservation campaign II

Stage III

2022 Q3

Wormhole integration
Mobile application
Nature preservation campaign III
Nature preservation campaign IV

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